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Originally Posted by Frankie Spankie View Post
Well the guy helping me told me all that and that's how I was fitted into the skates I bought. I tried the Nexus 600s and it didn't hurt at all. I tried moving my foot in the boot with the skate blade planted on the ground so I would make sure it wouldn't move. It didn't feel like it moved in store at all but now while on the ice it feels just a little loose. I think I'll try the bar clamps on the sides and see if that makes it narrower, I don't need it to be much narrower so I'm hoping it'll be enough pressure to make the difference but shouldn't be so much that it damages anything.

I'll give it a month before I ultimately decide what to do. Worst case, I'm hoping I could at least get $250 back on eBay or something, after all, they're still pretty much brand new...
Could this be an issue that waxed laces could fix/help? I may be way off base here, but it's possible that the laces are slipping/loosening as you skate. Maybe that's the reason they felt fine in store and not on the ice?

I mean they're $4 and if they help, that could save you a lot of trouble. If they don't then $4 isn't too much of a gamble.

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