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Originally Posted by compile View Post
As much as I like them, **** them both.

Could give a rats ass about any Canadian leaving this beloved country to go work there for more money.

They'll be back as American's don't understand Canadian humor.
Are you serious? So basically they work for TSN for 15 years, in many ways change the face of sportscenter, we have to see Dregger's smug face 90% of the time, and they basically go on to do better things or more prolific things...and you blame them?

How do you you know what the details are? If they are going to do their own show or even something that gives them more time - good for them. It's our fault (Canada) for not having the forum to offer them that platform. BTW a LOT (understatement of the millenium) of Canadians go to the US to further their careers and in entertainment to do more creative things. Forget TSN for a second, Canadian tv SUCKS. Like BAD. So if you want to do something interesting and even worthwhile, you have to go south.

You should read the article in which they say that although they're going to the states, they'll always be Canadian. They are patriotic.

Can't believe you'd chastise them for taking the next steps in their careers. If they had the exact same opportunity in Canada, they wouldn't leave. Good for them. This is not deserting your country. You must HATE 50% of Hollywood's biggest and/or best stars.

Also it's funny you mention Canadian sense of humour. This argument can be based on things like Arrested Development being canceled cuz Americans at the time didn't get the subtle genius though more Canadians did (% wise). There are far more shows like AD now and if you look at the shows the CBC or CTV make, they make me thoroughly embarrassed. Garbage production, not the least bit funny, just badddd. Canadians have a great sense of humour, just no good production companies. That Jerry Dee show is pathetic. He's hilarious, but the show sucks. So..."Canadian", feeding into the worst stereotypes.

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