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05-04-2013, 12:04 AM
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Originally Posted by NewHabsEra View Post
It was to be expected considering how bad his injury was.. But I agree, Karlsson was clearly the best defenseman in the league before he got injured..
I somewhat disagree. I don't think this is entirely injury related. This is Karlsson when he plays a team with a strong neutral zone game, his greatest skill is blunted and a bunch of his limitations are exposed.

He really isn't as amazing in the offensive zone as he is made out to be. A big flaw in his game is that he runs his team's game in the ozone. This results in a lot of set up from the perimeter and an over reliance on point shots from distance. This results in a ton of shots that the opposition finds fairly easy block and less efficient use of the offensive zone.

Contrast to how Subban plays. He let's the forwards do their thing and plays to support them instead of running it himself from a disadvantagous position. This is disadvantage of your best offensive player being a defenseman. He's much better off with Spezza in the lineup so they can run the offensive game through him.

Karlsson is hell on wheels for transition but the Habs (particularly Markov-Subban) are doing great at their own transition and the Send are getting solidly beat in the half court game outside goaltending.

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