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05-03-2013, 11:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
My thoughts on the team are driven by the results and competition over a 48 game season. Sure, the roster changed dramatically near the deadline, but not enough to discount the previous 36 games. That notion is absurd and ignorant.

Droves of people are insisting that the Rangers didnt play up to their potential last night. I guess you can only comment on the tenor of this team so long as its above the line at which they've played.

Not sure how this season, so far, can be described as anything but mediocre. If you think otherwise, you've either got your head in the sand, or have subscribed to that "anything can happen" BS even though it hasnt played out like that in the Rangers long history.
Yeah because the Kings last year were the same team pre and post-deadline.

Give me a break, you don't think adding 4 useful players and getting rid of dead weight like Gaborik doesn't dramatically change the team. The trade also improved Richards by a lot (not only going by points, since they're inflated by luck, but the way he's played). So now we have 3 centers, a 6th defenseman, and a guy in Zucc who no matter how much you hate, has played better than Gaborik this year, another depth winger in Clowe. So it's like we added 2 centers, 1 depth D-man and 1 top 6 winger, and 1 top 9 winger. That's not a significant upgrade? Your argument boils down to, despite common sense and stats pointing to the contrary, I'm right because I said so. You really have no argument but because you want to be right, won't change your argument. Pretty transparent.

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