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Originally Posted by Justinov View Post
well then stay here and discuss it. [Anyway about your being attacked on other boards no kind of logic, intelligence or philosophy can ever win a fight against ignorance, superstition or stupidity - I guess that's why we have schools to socialize people to listen to arguments ] The math will be difficult to make based on the images I have seen, but most likely there are better ones.

With my lesser knowledge of physics I would ask how its done? I guess you would have to do some kind of triangulation of camera pictures to find the exact 3D position of the bodies. The speed can be determined by watching the footage against the time. Then you make a vector graphic grid of key points of each players (head, torso, shoulders etc) and see the movement of each one frame for frame and then locate the impact zones where points either diminish in speed or change direction suddenly caused by the impact? For real refinement also have the weight of each player?

I think it's definitely reckless. It's hard to see from the slows but it seems that he only hits the head (jaw?) and not the body. But I have to admit the footage I saw was not so good angle.

Have some kind of thoughts here:

The problems with the rules in hockey is not whether a tackle is legal or not but the intensity it's made with. Maybe it's because of the money and prestige involved, but many clearly have to total disregard for the outcome. If the tackle is legal it's the own fault of the player being damage - you often hear that "he turned into the tackle". [A bit like you-walked-into-the-bullet-argument since I have a right to shoot]
A tackle should be a defensive response to an offensive action from the player that you want to tackle in my opinion. Starting a tackle on an totally unaware opponent (that isn't even yet in possession) is what causes most of all these bad injuries.
Maybe tackling should only be legal on players with puck possession and not be initiated before possession. This tackle was initiated already when the pass was made and Eller is completely unaware it's coming from the side.
Only front to front tackles (I mean torso vs torso) should also weed out a lot of the serious injuries.
This doesn't prevent the game for being physical, but it would prevent most dangerous situations.

Maybe to make a simple rule: Make it illegal to start a tackle on a player that doesn't have you in his field of vision!? (eye-to-eye) Then it doesn't matter if he steps into your tackle in the last second, because it was initiated while he wasn't looking in your direction. That is actually fairly easy for the tackling player to spot or not (I mean honestly you know if he noticed you).
(If you start the tackle when he has you in his field of vision and then turn around, then it could be discussed whether it should be allowed or not.)

But what a shame for Eller. Hope it will not go like Regin's shoulder and cause a real serious blow to his career.

and my advice to players: Wear full masks to start with. Yes you can't see anything to begin with, but when you get used to it and adapt your senses accordingly.
YES!!!! Sorry, but if there is something that really pisses me off, its what I call macho bravery......Look at Oliver Lauridsen. Played with a full mask in college.......Have seen him play with a visor at the Phantoms but he plays without a visor for philly..

WHAT IS THE DAMN POINT!? he is clearly used to both visor and mask, so it can be a vision thing. Its just plain stupid.

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