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05-03-2013, 11:50 PM
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Originally Posted by CHGoalie72 View Post
Though I havent the shred of wisdom that you have, id think one can conclude maybe if PDB wasnt a " jr. coach", he couldve won at least one scf game and avoided all the game 7s.
Just the same...the horrid cast he had missed the playoffs by a point (a game, a point, bad wouldn't have made a *marginal* difference???).

Even the great lou lam can be wrong from time to time.

Even the greater zeroG can be wrong more often than that!:p

edit* sry Rattrick, at least it made you post something!
lam's not beyond mistakes but you gotta give him the benefit of the doubt. (and when his pick gets him to the final...) i actually agree with you in that there's no way we should've taken them to 7 games with the crap hockey we were playing. they picked it up after the first round. when you consider kovy was half a player by the final and how badly they were overmatched, it's no surprise they were blanked.

remember, i was most critical of pete his first year in FL; i thought we lost critical points when the team got away from what the style he was preaching, particularly that fall/winter during a northeast road trip. however, i tempered that criticism with the understanding he was a rookie coach. his 2nd and 3rd year teams were nothing if not hard working. they just couldn't score.

perhaps i'll be wrong about pete in the long run but right now, he looking pretty solid.

and for rattrick - this is the "around the NHL" forum and this is (was) news. ignore the thread (or me) if you don't like it.

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