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05-04-2013, 02:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Blackshad View Post
Would you work in the state if i offer you 300k a year?

Dont be silly, as much as you are a patriot, everyone has a price.
No I wouldn't actually.

I make more then enough. Why would I want to live in a country that has more bullets per capita then any other country in the world?

If I had to leave Canada, it would be for Europe.

I really don't give a flying **** if people disagree with me.

If all people see is dollar signs and completely ignore the social and economic problems with that country then go right ahead. Lol, 1% of the population could pay for health care for the entire country 10 times over and they don't want to beacause "why should I pay for someone else."

Meh I don't even know why I bothered posting in this useless thread.

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