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Originally Posted by ImGoingNucks View Post
The initial physics and math I used were just some quick unprecise calculations of impact force done with weight and speed measured from the timeframe yes.

But we actually have really sophisticated programs at the lab on campus that can cheat the outcome given we have enough camera angles of replay.

But it could still be done quite easily, yet more unprecise with "simple" math.

Time, distance, impact force, and velocity would play a key role. and I actually posted a few equations to be used.

But even more logic is plane physics. My physic's minded brain immediately saw that the velocity and angle of his fall was not proportionate with an impact to the chest or shoulder. It doesn't match up at first glance at all. The way his head goes badonk, at first contact, is indicative of a hit to the head. The way he falls is basically impossible in an awake state. He is completely ragdoll like.
I would love to see your calculations on Monday

But me first thought as well was that he get severely hit in the head as a primary contact area (off course ore areas than the head will be hit, so there is also some body to body contact which people tend to focus on). I mean if you are tackled normally shoulder to shoulder you don't fall on the ice like Eller did.
Also he seems already dazed or unconscious before he hits the ice.

I followed your discussion and precisely people only talk if the hit was correct according to the rulebook or not. [Many definitely don't appreciate math or physics either].

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