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05-04-2013, 06:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Justinov View Post
I would love to see your calculations on Monday

But me first thought as well was that he get severely hit in the head as a primary contact area (off course ore areas than the head will be hit, so there is also some body to body contact which people tend to focus on). I mean if you are tackled normally shoulder to shoulder you don't fall on the ice like Eller did.
Also he seems already dazed or unconscious before he hits the ice.

I followed your discussion and precisely people only talk if the hit was correct according to the rulebook or not. [Many definitely don't appreciate math or physics either].
Haha I promise, that if the time is for it, ill dig up as many replays as I can and put in in the system It's actually the same system we use to determine impact force, Point and speed of meteorites, and space debris.

Exactly the hit and fall are disproportionate to a shoulder or chest hit.

Tell me about it! it was like telling a 7th grade class, that looking into to the universe is like looking thru a time machine. They simply do not understand it. I tried to explain that I was not taking the rulebook into considerration as the rule book actually sometimes makes it harder to rule the proper rulings.

But yeah, he got 2 days for reckles and predatory play, so I guess we saw it right

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