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05-04-2013, 08:17 AM
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Originally Posted by StormCast View Post
Fair enough and finally back to the original premise. However, before I go there, I want to address the bold part above. I've hardly said a negative word about Staal and called him very good just not elite.

I also shot down the false notion that he was the consistent go-to shutdown D over the last couple of years. He wasn't and it doesn't make him bad, just not as potentially valuable since he'd play that role in Carolina. Plus his supporting cast, both in terms of the D corps and forwards, aren't as good defensively as his NYR teammates. Again, it's relevant as it goes to his value. And, I have not once brought up his health even though that could be a factor. That's more than fair, despite the incessant whining from the fanboys. Any brow beating I've done have done at their expense.

Anyway back to your question. I think centering a deal on the 5th pick is ok but I wouldn't give up Murphy. The PP was a train wreck until MAB was brought in and Murphy also improved it quite a bit in his brief audition. Also, the Canes aren't in a position to trade two ELC's (Murphy's plus the #5) and take on Staal's salary. They will need another D too to shore up the Swiss cheese blue line. I'd offer Pitkanen + #5 + a 3rd for a healthy Staal. I'm sure that package won't excite Rangers fans but that's what I'd offer. Pitkanen would improve the transition game and a weak PP. Again, it'd be a no-go from NYR but I'd also be content to wait for Staal as a UFA, as he is not THE missing link to a championship team in the next 2 years.

As for the off-ice value, it's negligible (and the reason for the 3rd), as it's been with Jordan. The Staals are as exciting and dynamic off the ice as vanilla ice cream. There just is not much buzz even with the brothers angle.
As it relates to his role on the team, his role as shut down defenceman being reduced has everything to do with injuries and not ability. When healthy, he is the Rangers best defenceman. He's had no training camp after getting concussed and this year he had no camp and prior to getting a puck to the noggin, was the Rangers best overall defenceman on pace for a 25 point campaign. Which would have been a 40+ point season over a full season.

No one can dispute the concussion, and obviously the eye thing is concerning, but he's had no concussion symptoms from this puck to the head thing so that's a bit of relief as it relates to the concussion issue. His vision is improving to the point where he's expected back in this first round.

I think that you are placing way to much value on the fact that he's being eased back into the role as the teams #1 defenceman. Putting him in that spot is more detrimental then beneficial as it's the long term health and benefit that matters to both the team and the player. Not the immediate benefit that also carries the most risk of error.

While I can appreciate you not wanting to pay the appropriate price for a top pairing defenceman, because regardless of what you have posted Staal IS a top pairing defenceman, he's not getting moved for anything less than an overpayment of sorts.

Pitkanen is a solid offensive defenceman that could help the PP. He is however a liability in his own end and always has been. We have that now with MDZ. The difference is that MDZ can and will get better as he is still learning the position at 23 years old. Joni at 29 (will be 30 for the 13-14 season) is what he is.

As for the off-ice value to the Canes, I think you can look at the numerous threads that have popped up as it relates to this very topic since the Jordan acquisition to see what kind of value it would have on the Org. should it happen.

The Canes organization is vanilla (no knock) so having a set of four brothers on one team that fit the identity of the Organization is not a bad thing.

As it relates to the offer, I can see the benefit of it. I can also see the Rangers being willing to do something like that as it gives a replacement for the year and removes the salary obligation after the season as Joni would be a UFA after the 13-14 season.

That said, the 3rd would have to be improved for this to make sense for the Rangers. Thinking Brock McGinn would be a solid add on.

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