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05-04-2013, 10:03 AM
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Here's how I think it'll go down... The NHL will sign some sort of agreement of purchase with an ownership group, but that agreement will be contingent of being able to negotiate a lease with Glendale in short order. Bettman will make it clear that the success of the deal is completely up to the city of Glendale (kind of bullying and/or putting the pressure squarely on Glendale.) Glendale city council will realize that they cannot ask fire/police services to cut their budget one day and award ten of millions of dollars to a professional sports team the next without losing popularity points... Especially because due to Bettman's lack of transparency with the current council, they know nothing about the potential owner of the club (after all, a politicians instinct is self preservation in office.) The potential ownership group would be looking for the JIG-esque deal that was forged under the administration of the last city council.

The "best before" date of the purchase agreement with the NHL will pass, and Bettman will announce that the city of Glendale is no longer interested in partnering with the NHL and the team has been sold to Quebec investors and will be relocating to Quebec City (or some other surprise market that has an arena already.)

Glendale then goes ahead and finds out that their arena is actually more profitable without having a money losing business taking up 41 dates a year. The Coyotes franchise is rebranded as the Nordiques and they find immediate success in Quebec, winning the Stanley Cup in the first year out of Phoenix...

I made the last part up, but after watching the Avs win the cup in 1996, don't Quebec fans deserve some retribution?

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