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05-04-2013, 09:38 AM
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Hey Habs "Army"! Let's invade SBP!

There's unfortunately (read: fortunately) no Habatron so I'll have to suffice.

I know we have a drive to make 3,4,6 home games thread, but I thought we should kickstart some actual plans given that was more about getting tickets. (If it doesn't warrant a thread, please move it there, but I wanted to try to rally our troops.)

I just took a peek at their board since I heard rumours that Spezza was coming back and wanted to see and expectedly wanted to throw up when I saw their stupid thread titles. One of them is regarding their fear of us Oléing. From that thread:

Originally Posted by Milan the Great View Post
Why not just let them chant it?

It's a lame chant. Most fans around the league laugh at them for using a soccer chant to get their team going. Whether they like to admit it or not it's a pretty embarrassing chant, so why not let them embarrass themselves?
Pretty clear they hate it when we do it and gets under their skin better than Gally.

They were talking about how they do the alfie chant at 11:11 of each period. (Sigh...I wonder if Milan the Great realizes the irony in his words.) They were worried that we would do it then, so...let's do it then.

I realize that not everyone (understatement) who goes to the games reads the boards, but enough of us seem to be going to try to come up with ideas to troll them. I went to my first game at the ACC ever this year. We won 5-2. I want to complete the Ontario Habs winning tour. There I had no problem chanting and cheering and chirping their fans because they are loser dimwits and I have hated them for a decade. Sens fans, this rivalry is...2 days old? Almost feels like I'd be shouting at an old lady. Then I just have to remember travesties like Senatron and the Gladiator (who I will have to put up with for their intro )

I don't think it's unreasonable to get on Karlsson.
- Karl-sson sucks chant
- Kaaaaarrl-ssssonnnn chant
- Booing him every time he has the puck in his own rink (along with Alfie)

They're going to do the Carey jeer, so we should do the same with Annnn-dyyyy
As well as the Carey cheer when he makes the saves.

Thing I know about chants and that is really interesting as a social phenomenon at sporting events is how they start and propagate through a crowd quickly. Hopefully we can get enough people on the same page. I know this post is likely not to initiate full cohesion, but it starts with just reading it, and the more people who remember, might instinctively react during the game. Had to try.

Any chance we have an HF Habs meetup pre-game tomorrow? Not sure whether SBP is amenable to that sort of thing.

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