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Originally Posted by ccarrigan View Post
Yeah, they don't sell Graf around here so I think I'd be stuck on the two Bauers. I did try a stretching and punching and neither seemed to make it fit 100%. Sometimes I think that maybe hockey skates will just never be comfortable, but that can't be the case.

I do have a low arch as well, so it could be the midfoot area lifting my foot a bit (tried other footbeds). For example, on the top of my skates from like the third eyelet to the sixth, the tongue bulges because of how high my foot is and I can't really tighten the laces in that area.

(PS i've read a lot of this thread and want to thank you for everything you do for people on here, epic help)
You're welcome!

The thing about the CCM skates form the Vectors to the current U+ line is that I found the footbed area (not the insole itself mind you) in the midfoot to be uncharacteristically narrow compared to the boot itself, which is characteristically wider. The shape sort of narrows in once you hit the bottom (exaggerated below)

\_/ vs (__)

such that many people had issues with their feet falling against the narrow edges and not sitting firmly at the bottom, a floating sensation. Obviously that wouldn't have been the case for everyone, but there were observations to that extent.

Regardless, you definitely sound like you have an ill fitting skate. Like I mentioned before, it sounds like Nexus could be your next step or even Supreme.

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