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Originally Posted by Steenager View Post
Fascinating stuff. Thanks for putting in that effort.

On a slightly off topic note, can somebody provide an introductory resource to help a simple hockey fan like me gain a basic understanding of hockey's advanced stats?

I should update this post but:

Originally Posted by garret9 View Post
Usage Stats:
QoC: quality of competition - how tough of matchup they are lined up against can be measured by opponents Corsi, RelCorsi or TOI (the later two end up giving similar results, first one varies a bit) - I usually use the second one as the third one is tough to get a hold of
: offensive zone starts - percentage of shifts started in the o-zone rather d-zone

Results Stats:
Fenwick - differential like +/- but includes shots on goal and missed shots; usually per 60 TOI unless stated - good for team results as has a correlation to scoring chances, puck possession time and winning games - often used instead of Corsi for teams as blocked shots is sometimes a team strategy
Corsi - same as Fenwick but includes blocked shots - better than Fenwick for individuals as you have more events (ie: larger sample size)
RelCorsi - players Corsi relative to teams average for games played - ex: if you have a Corsi of +3 in a game where your team had a Corsi of +1, your RelCorsi would be +2
P (or A1 or G)/60 - its a players points (or primary assists or goals) per 60 minutes of icetime, as a players icetime can make their totals seem insignificant or better than they are (ex: Kane scored more goals per minute than Kessel last season in both ES and PP, but Kessel had more TOI and his totals were much more)

Statistical References and Websites:

Arctic Ice Hockey - Winnipeg Jets blog that commonly dips into advance statistics
Behind The Net - site that draws stats and places it into adv. stats
Nice Time on Ice - another raw data site (but different) like Behind the Net
Hockey Analysis - third raw data site I (and others) commonly use
NHL Numbers - a NHL blog that also leans on advance statistics
Jets Nation - the Jets section of NHL Numbers (emphasis on Robert Cleave's work)

Arctic Ice Hockey was originally an advance statistics blog started up by Winnipegger Gabe (same guy who runs Behind the Net), and so has a lot of information on the advance statistics themselves in our archives. Our editors recently organized all the pre-Jets 2.0 advance stats write ups.
We recently organized all the old writeups on advance statistics and what they mean ->HERE<-

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