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05-04-2013, 11:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Iceonfire View Post
You do realize that the WJC has nothing to do with the CHL right?

The tournament is optional. Players want to go. He has been auditioning for the Olympics the entire time. Every single international tournament a player goes to will affect how Hockey Canada sees them.

It would not shock me if Eberle wanted a gold medal more than the Stanley cup. Considering his age he has been to 8 international tournaments.

St. Louis who is 37 has only been to 4 international tournaments ever.

So yes at 22 Eberle has more experience and success internationally than a player 15 years older than him.

And fun fact. The only year St. Louis was chosen to represent Canada at the Olympics we didn't even get a medal...

Yet the times before and after we win gold...

So please tell me again why St. Louis should go over Eberle again? Or are we just basing this on their point totals...

Oh God...

I'l just skip through all of the nonsense about the amount of international tournaments each has participated in, because it's just that; nonsense. And yes, I'm aware the WJC have nothing to do with the CHL... Dosen't change the fact that it's a tournament for teenagers, which some people tend to forget when discussing Eberle.

It's just laughable you would bring up the 2006 team as reason why St. Louis should be left off. That's insane.

Again, Eberle can easily make this team, but not at the expense of an elite winger like MSL. Maybe you haven't seen him play?

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