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05-04-2013, 12:34 PM
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Originally Posted by NJDevilsZG View Post
Key word would be "some"

As for post above, I'd say same thing - some. Not to mention that best Scandinavians, as well as bestvRussians, are not available to KHL.

But you're missing the point. It's just that Russians are more fun to watch, especially to out-of-town europian viewers. I understand you support your home players. That's only normal. But Russians are artists on ice. It is a shame that best of them are forced to play ugly and more boring NA game, and you get to see just flashes of what they can give.
Myself, as foreigner to all this, would pick to watch Russian hockey game over Scandinavian any day.
I'm not sure if you're trolling, but if you are, you should use the after your post. Just a tip, people might think you're being serious otherwise.

On the offchance that you're actually serious, is the allstar game your favourite time of the year? Is harlem globetrotters your favourite basketball team ever?
Most teams prefer to win, but hey, what do they know, I'm with you! I'd rather be last and play fun than win and play boring. Let's kick out the scandinavians and replace them with worse Russians, the teams will suck, but they'll play fun.

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