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01-01-2004, 08:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Brooklyn Ranger
Gee, it only took you one game to see the light on Malakhov! I only wish that The Powers That Be could take a good look (as you did) and realize the truth. This is not the first stinker that Malakhov has pulled--it's pretty much gone on most of the season. Mironov has been fairly average (and for the most part not stinking up the joint) but has recently been inspired by Malakhov's play and is now trying hard to out putrid him. Poti didn't have poor game (that's real praise coming from me) although it hurt to watch him shy away from playing the body when Danton had that near breakaway in the 2nd. As for Purinton: in all fairness, he's played in a total of 4 games this season. His 7 1/2 minutes of ice time are the most he's played in a game all season. Regardless of how poorly he played, he had plenty of complany.

Well, I have Center Ice, so I get to see most of the Rangers games that are televised, so Malakhov's antics (as well as the whole team's) is nothing new to me. Poti is what he is IMO, a quicker Kevin Hatcher. He'll never be anything more than that, and while it that's a shame in certain ways, that's not so bad either. He just needs to be put with someone that minimizes his mistakes, and Leetch is not the guy. That doesn't make Leetch the culprit, they just play a similar high risk/high reward style.

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