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01-01-2004, 08:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Theo Fan
With the exception of the obvious Cujo, who hasn't been on fire by any means in Detroit, I don't see any great veteran upgrades available. There's Burke, but if you're talking about playoff performance, he doesn't offer awhole lot there I think.

I don't think a trade for Curtis would be the complete end of the world, however. Yes, he's not great in Detroit, but look at the situation he's in. Fully knowing no matter how great he does, he's going back to the AHL once Hasek is ready. Here he'd know he's the #1. Can he handle the NY pressure? Yes, he played for years in Toronto and had success. Also, he's old...meaning he won't be in the way of Blackburn once he's ready to take over. I know I know, "not Cujo no way not here"...indeed, I said it myself plently of times...but I also never expected this out of Dunham either. I also know plently of posters will still be against trading for him, and I'm not by any means "for it" at this present time, but let's be logical for a moment here could end up making alot more sense then we make it out to be.

However I don't think we should shut the door on Biron just because he's not a veteran. He's a pretty talented goalie who's got abit of an cocky attitude that could work for him very well here. He puts up decent numbers and that's playing for Buffalo. Also, he's young and only going to get better...true, he might block Blackburn, but it still never hurts to have too many young goalies.

Also, knock on wood, but how's Dan's shoulder anyway? We shouldn't completely ignore the idea that this could become pretty long term of a problem. I haven't heard ANY improvement AT ALL concerning that nerve.
Actually, I was referring to the latest rumor from Jason Diamos of the Times who said a couple of days ago that the Rangers had been scouting Tampa Bay. Khabby is probably available and Diamos mentioned Poti and Carter as the bait. And while I have nothing against Biron--although I haven't seen him play this year--I seriously doubt Sather would have any interest. You trade for a young goalie like Biron if you want to build around him in goal. That's not the reason why we may be in the market for a new goaltender. Sather will be looking for someone to win with now. He's coveted Khabby from the time he got here and he may be willing to overpay for the privilege of finally getting his man. And then he will have to find someone to take Dunham....Of course, the defense will still be the same.

Blackburn is out for the season. While there have been no setbacks (according to the reports from his last visit to the specialist in late November), there hasn't been any significant improvement either. The next visit isn't until Feb and even if he was cleared to start rehab immediately it will take months before the muscles are strong enough to put on the pads and take some shots.

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