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01-01-2004, 07:34 PM
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Originally Posted by TradeModry
Before I say anything let me just say what he did was 100% wrong. BUT in regards to this post, when I go to L.A. games he talks it up with heavyweights all night. It looks to me like he wants to go with them. But he has never gone w/ them. I wouldn't say that he runs or dodges though. Hey this guy is a marked man every single night. He probably was getting yelled at, speared, punched, jabbed, everything you can think of, and maybe he just got tired of it, and handled it the wrong way. Again im not defending him on the Sillinger matter. But how are guys on other teams gonna let a 5'9 little s*it (I still like him even though he is a little s*it) punk you around.

Hey he definitley is a marked man around the league. I was at the game @ the HP between SJ vs. LA and when Avery and somebody else were in a fight w/ a big pile-up in front, 3! 3! 3! Sharks players came and jumped Avery. .(Thats why Kip Brennan came back on the ice.)
And for that I have no respect for the SJ Sharks.
Do you respect Avery?

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