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Originally Posted by ErnieLeafs View Post
Hockey IQ is a loaded term, that just about every professional scout or coach sees differently. You'd be hard pressed to find a consensus on it.

It's anticipation, calculated projection at high speed, being around the puck at key times, and when they say "the puck just seems to follow him", that's part of it too. It's knowing proper angles, and it's a ton of things.

Many of these things, Bozak is not, nor does he possess them. He's not necessarily a low IQ player, but he doesn't have great hockey sense at all.
I honestly believe Bozak is a much better player than what we see in him and his issue IMO is playing with the caliber of player in Kessel has taken away from who he could be himself.

He's capable of doing a lot of things but he's developed this mentality that he has to find Kessel all the time the moment he touches the puck which takes away from him being the best he could be cause he's limiting his vision on the ice.

Do you guys remember as a rookie centering Stalberg and Hanson? How he didn't have tunnel vision for 1 particular line mate and MADE THINGS HAPPEN buy using everybody on the ice? His play from that point is what landed him the opportunity to play with Kessel which formed a trio we all got excited about with Kulemin on the other wing. Since that point he's been getting more and more predictable often time neglecting the 3rd member on the line cause he's got this internal thing to get Kessel the puck cause he's an elite player.

This is why Kessel struggles vs Boston it's not all Chara... First there's a double shadow on Kessel and Bozak constantly feeds into it. A little more gumption and confidence in himself to play a 2 man game which is open any time Bozak chooses to play with JVR will go a long way in opening things up for Kessel.

I'm shocked the coaches don't see it but if I was coach I'd take Bozak and JVR to the side and say to them forget about Kessel. There's space out there for the 2 of you to do damage. USE KESSEL AS A DECOY as there focus is clearly on him he will suck 2 players to him (especially that big guy ) and make things happen yourselves.

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