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Originally Posted by MadArcand View Post
I love those wishful thinkings being transmuted into absolutes.

'NJ's first line will mostly take offensive zone draws'
Henrik Sedin takes mostly offensive zone draws today. If that's how a coach want's to manage his team's ice time, it's easy. Matchups can be tough to get. Giving your top line mostly offensive zone draws is something even an idiot can do.

'I can see your first line spending their entire shift in their own zone from time to time
Strength along the boards isn't exactly a strength of your first line. Your line beats my first line is speed but mine beats your in strength along the boards.

'he'll never be one-on-one with a defenseman in open ice'
Do you understand how shadowing works? When Bobby Hull is on the ice, Houle will be all over him. Houle basically takes himself out of the game from an offensive standput by rarely leaving his check even when his own team has the puck.

Abel is listed as C in 1941-42 in HR.
Sid Abel was a 2nd Team All Star at LW in 1941-42. H-R is a terrible source for player positions.

And all I said about the speed was that if basically any of my forwards gets a step ahead of your defense, the D's never gonna catch up, and thus every partial breakaway basically equals a penalty shot, considering the speed disparity.

And not being slow in a vacuum doesn't matter, it's the gap in speed between my forwards and your D that does.
You're right that Bill White and Tom Johnson won't catch Bobby Hull or Sergei Fedorov in a foot race. But how often do you actually think a foot race will happen? These guys weren't among the best defensive defensemen of their eras by letting fast forwards get behind them.

And Bobby Hull is being shadowed by a player who can keep up with him.

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