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05-04-2013, 08:07 PM
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NEED TO RANT ABIT ON A OFF TOPIC sometimes i wonder if this league favors teams it likes or needs to be successful like the pens habs ect that hit last night looked good to me but wait the habs cant be knocked out yet because its canadas team so they suspend the guy and take out any life or momentum the sens have just like the non calls the rangers get but if we do them then its a penalty. then theres the pens and the golden crybaby sid you can't touch him without the league coming down on you. also this still burns me there is the 2005 draft where the pens were having trouble keeping afloat and lemiux almost broke was going to fold and go under so they made up the rules for the draft and said if anyone that had the first overall pick in the previous 4 years would loose a ball most balls was three .So realizing there error they changed the rules so that somehow the pens had the most balls possible even knowing they had the first overall pick in 2003 betman helping out mario again and screwing with the teams that should have gotten the best chance at the pick Sabres rangers bluejackets getting screwed don't know how the owners let him get away with this . thanks for reading this nonsense

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