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Originally Posted by Kershaw View Post
Really? I'd think management is just fine with their Hart Trophy candidate and playoff performer.

Asking for Kane is downright delusional, let alone adding 3 first rounders and Crawford. Chicago wouldnt trade Kane for the entire Rangers roster, he's that good. He is a young elite, offensive superstar who is the best player on the best team in the world.

Patrick Sharp is a world class player, not sure why you'd be upset in getting him in a deal.
LOL @ not trading Kane for the Rangers roster...Kane is a diminutive winger, who is not good on face-offs, and is as soft as they come. Yes, he is VERY shifty, has silky hands, and insane vision, but what good is that as a Right Winger who needs finishers with him? If you think he would come here and put up 80-90 points a year, you are sadly mistaken. If this was 2004, you would be saying no way Richards can be traded! A clutch playoff warrior and Conn Smythe winner, 90 point scorer ( by the way, more than Kane ever scored) and on a cup-winning team. They would never trade him for the best goalie in the game in his prime! Kane is not even a top 10 player in the league. Toews, and Hossa are better than he is. Think Kane scores as much on the Flames? How about the Blue Jackets?

Top 15 players I would take before Kane.
14 H.Sedin

So have at it, i just named 15 players who I would take over Patty Kane (notice how Lundqvist is on the list), now go and dig up some fancy Corsi stats that say Kane is more valuable than Hossa, Toews, and Sharp combined.

If he was a natural center, who is good for 90+ points a year, and was over a head taller than Zuccarello, then he would make my list.

Saying Lundqvist wouldn't return Kane is either being so far up Chicago's ass or just a delusional neutral "fan" who likes to post on HFNYR. Cut it with the anti-Rangers agenda already, you were being pessimistic the whole playoffs last year, and as far as i'm concerned, you have a plate of crow to eat.

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