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05-04-2013, 09:04 PM
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Originally Posted by NickyFotiu View Post
The good news is Torts saw the scoring problem and moved Boyle up to the 2nd line for overtime.
Originally Posted by Grind Jam Grind View Post
Who says he can't make in-game adjustments?
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Originally Posted by qwertyaas View Post
I still can't understand leaving McD on the ice after already being on for over 2 min. Especially since he took Girardi off.
i don't think fatigue was 100% at fault there. he could've extended the shift another 20s probably. wouldn't be good for future games, but he's one of the top 2 conditioned guys on the team. he looked fresh when girardi had to get off. even said to my buddy after the whistle "girardi's exhausted, but mcdonagh looks completely fresh and can probably stay out there". he just wanted it out of the zone and screwed up the dump. (that's not to say he wasn't tired, just that i don't think that was the core issue there)... we were getting manhandled in the zone. there's no reason to put the blame on mcdonagh(or torts for tossing him out)

blame it on the system. you're gonna block shot after shot after shot with the best goalie in the league, every so often you're gonna get a bad deflection. we need better offensive strategy to be competitive, and to not block shots til we have no energy to go the other way.

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