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05-04-2013, 09:20 PM
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I love the excuses from Kershaw in the last thread, paraphrasing:

'inept players'

'Renney has world class perfect hockey players in Detroit'

'Elite Wingers can't bring you a cup, or at least it remains to be seen with Nash. Maybe he should move to center.'

It is incredulous. The defense of Tortorella is bewildering and scary. Kel Varn calls out BBKers because his post was not intellectual enough? It wasn't a quality display of analytics? Why should we hold that standard for this team if Torts doesn't offer the same? Because you love what he has to say on Behind the Bench on Sundays? It's quite amusing because 85% of this board has and can see clear as day what the problems of the PP have been all year. And EVEN IF the players were at fault for not moving around enough, for not shooting enough, for not transitioning through the neutral zone and into the offensive zone without having to dump it in, the COACH obviously has not been able to correct it for the entire year. Check that...his entire tenure here. Players have come and gone but yet it is the players who are inept.

The PP had a chance to win us a game on the road today and it couldn't do it. What does Torts do on the practice days? He is so quick to move players around on even strength but yet its a crazy idea to think about putting a guy like Zuccarello on the first unit. Crazy to remove Girardi from all PP situations because the guy for the life of him cannot get shots through. He does not shoot with his head up enough. He shot the puck right into Erat in the 2nd period, then proceeded to go out of position to check Erat to open up a 2-on-1. And yes that was even strength at the time, but it is a prime example of how bad Girardi is at getting shots through.

It is disturbing to hear how emotional McDonagh was after the game. This loss was not his fault and I hope his teammates let him know that. He had no business collecting 3 minutes straight of ice time. It goes back once again to how awful of a coach Torts is. He doesn't trust his other defenseman. It is why we couldn't outlast the devils last year. He wore out the top 4 defenseman. He wore out the Top 9 forward corps. This year he absolutely has a better 6. The forwards are suspect though getting Boyle and Dorsett back helped the forward units. However, Boyle should not have been moved up in OT.

Holtby was shaky today and it was painfully obvious. Yet we did not take enough shots and drive the net to test him more. That is the sad part. And the reason why is the same one as all year, this team can't transition from defense to offense with any momentum. Collapse low, some forwards are going down blocking shots, others that aren't are distanced too far from the point men that they have to work their way all the way back up the ice. They do not move up and down the ice as a unit. They never have enough guys rushing up the ice, or when they do they don't know what to do. They had some odd man rushes today and they didn't know what to do with the puck. Instead of looking to drop pass or stop and pass to the middle, they shielded the puck drove to the net for a backhander and/or went behind the net to start the pathetic cycle game.

But you know what, why should a lot of us be upset? We all saw it coming. We knew the flaws of Torts system all year. Gaborik was made a scapegoat. We got rid of a premiere goal scorer regardless of his struggles. The whole point to getting Nash was to add him as a threat to Gaborik. We're right back to where we were last year. I hate Nash defensively, but I understand when he is not on the ice I don't feel confident at all there is someone who can just bury a puck.

We'll be out by Game 5 because we'll probably split at the Garden. I pray for better but I will not get my hopes up. And maybe we'll put Kreider back in and sit slow as **** Pyatt, or the pointless Powe. You got Boyle back for the PK. Sit Powe.

Time for a new reign in NY

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