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05-04-2013, 10:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Rookie Chargers View Post
I don't know the facts on their shifts but from someone who hasn't been overly impressed since his $4mil contract. He should have kicked Neil's butt back to Ottawa and ****** the code. I really don't think Lucic has been the same since Komisarek.

Like to put words in people's mouths do we? He just said ''still won'' which is debatable. I too think Lucic got the edge, depends when one stops/continues to take the points.

Neil is jack--s, he has been in the ring long enough to know when someone has just let up on him. He wouldn't think twice about pounding a downed fighter.

Had Lucic pounded him to the end you would be here about that. I know I would but partially because it was Neil.
The clear win was meant for someone else. Thanks.

Anyways, so whats your point here? Lucic is respectful and Neil isnt? Youre right Neil would have continued hitting him. Im not disagreeing with you but this is why Neil has the reputation as a punk and Lucic doesnt. Any guy who lets the guy off his knees is doing the right thing..if they dont ..its cheap.

There was a scrap and I cant remember who was on top of Chara but Chara threw his hands up kind of like hey man youre on top of me ..dont be a punk and hit me while im down...and the guy quickly realized it would be cheap..and let up and didnt hit him. Its just the right thing to do and tonnes of guys let the other guy up. This isnt new.

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