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09-20-2006, 01:26 AM
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Well, having sat next to Tubby for the first period, there really wasn't much to talk about.... started out with the resurrection of the little girl from "Annie" (or was it Jon Benet Ramsey?) only this one sang the National Anthem in about 15 different keys.

I then asked Tubby as they played "Metal Music" whom this was intended for since my guess would be most of the season ticket holders are NOT in the "Metal" demo of 18-25. Granted, I'm not looking for Elvis music, but rap and angry Metal at a Kings hockey game? Then they had the nerve to play Devo?

We didn't score on the power play and we let up a power play goal - What? You expected changes so soon?

They charge more for beer at the Fox Sports Bar and they have a new crappier reduced menu.

Thanks Tubby for rescuing me - the extra ticket was much appreciated - Stacey and I sat in the bar for the entire 2nd period talking about our weekend in Vegas (not together) - what did we miss? -

Blake was booed - hysterical

Parking was 20 bucks across the street - the buildings are being erected as we speak and Downtown will soon be an even bigger nightmare.

Some a-hole plowed into the back of my brand new car after the game while I was stopped at a red light then had the audacity to say "what? It wasn't my fault" - I said "okay, I'll just call the cops and have them give you a breathalyzer" - My neck hurts REAL bad tonight.

Not the way to start a new season.

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