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05-05-2013, 12:44 AM
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I think the defense-first, last, and only strategy has run well beyond it's course. Last year, losing to the Devils, was proof enough for me that it would never win us a cup. We built a team around a goalie who has yet to prove he is as good in the playoffs as in the regular season - except for last year.

Again, back to my original point: THIS TEAM CANNOT WIN A CUP EVEN IF HANK IS AT HIS BEST. So it's time for a new strategy. This team is not dangerous, clearly demonstrated by the success this year of teams scoring first and winning about 66% of the time. Look at Anaheim in that 3rd period comeback. DANGEROUS. They buzzed and buzzed and you just knew they would tie the game. This team can't come back 2-0 after the first period in a game.

Hell, the Isles will win a cup before we do. DANGEROUS. Down 3-1 to the BEST team they kept at it and scored 3 goals to win it. Because they have more than 2 players who can scare the opposition.

This team scares no one. They are dull, lack any real elite talent, and will win nothing for the foreseeable future.

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