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05-05-2013, 04:05 AM
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Originally Posted by NYRSchrute217 View Post
Played scared. I feel bad for Lundqvist. Gut check time
Nail on the head.

The entire team, bar Strålman, took the "safest" option in every single situation. That's a great recipe for scoring 0 goals as it becomes incredibly easy to defend against you.

I watched the Swedish broadcast which has Mattias Norström as the colour commentator and he pointed out that while the Caps tried to pass it to a player on the breakout, the Rangers always threw it long to a safe area where they hoped someone would deflect it down into the Caps' zone.

The players can't be this cowardly, it has to be a directive from Torts and it is just so ****ing stupid! It seemed like the only times we could gain the zone in a controlled manner all game was when Hagelin or Zuccarello got the puck in our zone and skated it up the ice.

As I mentioned in the GDT, it was like looking at a softer version of the 10-11 Rangers. Back then, this gameplan made sense. We had a roster with very little talent, an all-world goalie, and a high calibre goalscorer. Just ensure you hang with the other team, and perhaps you'll score a goal.

But we have a different, much more talented roster now and I thought we had gotten away from that type of play as it is very much based on luck. But it seems like Torts only dares to play a more open yet controlled type of game at home or against poor teams, and as soon we face a good team, especially on the road, we come back to this risk-minimizing BS.

I would've been much happier if we had lost this game 4-2, but controlling most of the play. At least that would indicate that we should win most of the upcoming games. I've had hopes for our team in the PO's, I've even been confident that we'd beat the Caps and even move on to the ECF. But this cowardly, lacklustre effort has made me seriously question them, and they really have to prove themselves in the upcoming games at the Garden for me to have confidence in them again.

I honestly think this was one of the worst games the Rangers have played all year. Bar Lundqvist of course.

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