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09-20-2006, 07:25 AM
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I just washed my gear for the first time this year in the bath tub. I think I used antibacterial dish soap (Palmolive) but Woolite or any fabric detergent would probably work as well, just don't use too much. The main thing was getting the pads wet and then squeezing all the old, dried sweat out of them. Water was disgusting when I was through but I was glad to have clean pads at the end.

Gloves were a little different. Instead of detergent I mixed some Murphy's Oil Soap into the water -- I read on a website that it's a better choice for keeping the leather from drying out. I hung everything up to drip dry and like MikeD says it took a few days, but since I was only playing once a week it I had plenty of time.

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