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05-05-2013, 07:15 AM
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There's no goalie better at the top of his game than Quick. So much fun to watch.

RE: goal scoring, when you play at the professional -- regardless of the sport -- team defenses figure out a way to adapt. Sometimes it takes the body as a whole a season or two to change. We're going to see it in football (and we have seen it) with the pass-happy league. In hockey post-2005, it took teams a while to figure out how to play D and defend 'cleanly.' The result now is all of the shot-blocking and stacking people in front of the net that Beef pointed out. If the league reacts strongly like it always does, I don't think it will do much long-term. There will just be another spike and then teams will figure out how to defend another way. That's why the reactionary stuff is stupid.

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