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05-05-2013, 10:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Don't know...just a hunch that could very well be way off. Though, don't get me wrong, I'd pick McCarron somewhere in the 2nd if he's there, and I believe he will. Just a question of will he become a top 6 power forward....or another Chad Kilger. I believe people are judging Carrier based on their lack of viewing...I saw him enough to be high on him.

And don't get me wrong again, I'm all for becoming a bigger team. For sure. But I think that while you might be skeptic and prudent towards a smaller kid to know if he'll pan out.....we also need to be prudent for really bigger guys who happen to look man amongst boys because they are actually playing against much smaller guys. McCarron isn't only size....but it's just a question of analysing the guy's play with a little bit of gut feeling. As far as I'm concerned, I,d be honest and say that my McCarron analysis might be very well more feeling than anything else. Not too much "scouting related"...I know... But we are no scouts so I have no problem with going like that once in a while.
I saw Carrier a few times and I agree he is underrated but IMO still behind the other 4. I see McCarron as the biggest risk for sure but can possibly become a steal if he becomes like Lucic.
I would definetely take Dauphin or Poirier in the mid 2nd(45ish). I wouldnt be too happy taking them in the top 40. Carrier is slightly behind them(50-60).

I cant argue with what you said though. None of us are scouts.

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