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Originally Posted by Blueshirt Believer View Post
Eh, I have heard some rumblings that the Rangers management isn't too happy with how Torts couldn't get anything working with Gaborik. Gaborik wasn't in the teams long term plans, so a trade was going to happen irregardless over the summer(cap issues).

But management is really irritated the Rangers couldn't get a run going with Gabs before he left. Not to mention, a 40 goal scoring Gaborik probably would have gotten us an even better package. Instead Sather had to trade a team that fit Torts style. A team that is still going to get bounced in the first round it seems.

I think its very possible this playoff is Torts last chance. There could be a major shakeup over the summer.
I can't imagine they're happy, but I think management is bought into Tortorella for now. That could change very quickly come the start of next season though.

Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
Maybe I dont understand your point here because its such a horrible one with no logic. Let me see if Im following this right.

1. Derek Stepan had a wonderful season that is propelling him towards superstar status, but that has zilch to do with Tortorella

2. Stepan is struggling in the post-season, and that is 100% on Tortorella

Im just sick of the tunnel vision and the scapegoating when it comes to why this team is not performing. Theres several different reasons for it. But I guess its just so much easier to say "OMG this system sucks and the coach needs to be fired!!!"
Yes, such a horrible point with no logic. I shall go inform my mother what a terrible job she did raising me.

Can't find it in my post where I said Stepan's progression has had nothing to do with Tortorella. Step's offensive game and IQ were always there, but Torts has certainly helped his defensive game. I'd suggest however, under any coach, that Stepan would have progressed at this same pace just because of the player he is. Yet, that is hypothetical and absolutely pointless. We shall never know.

Stepan is struggling, correct. If it was JUST Stepan who was struggling, it'd be easy to write him off as maybe not such a big game player (but his history at the WJC and college prove otherwise). Yet, when the Rangers under Tortorella get to the playoffs, they can't do **** offensively. The whole team. Not just Stepan. They're averaging .47 goals per game right now. Last year in 20 playoff games they scored 44 goals. So, 45 goals in the last 22 playoff games under Torts. That screams coaching to me.

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