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Originally Posted by J17 Vs Proclamation View Post
No. It's an example that the perception fans have of overpayment is often not correct. If you're getting the best player in the deal, then it is usually worth it.

Dismantling an outstanding young talent pool? There is only one young player in the system or on our team who i would take over Drouin (2 including Markstrom).

Once in a generation talent? Good luck waiting 100 years.
Thats fine but the gap between drouin and the guys you would have to give up to get him isn't that much and therefore not worth the price.

it's just not worth giving up multiple guys who would play top 6 or top 4 roles on the roster just to create a line of

look how well the super lines have worked for Tampa and the Oilers. Those teams are desperate for depth to round out their rosters because their super powered line has only been good enough for a bottom 10 finish.

I'd be right there with you if this draft had an ovechkin/malkin/crosby type talent in it, but it doesnt. the smart and best move is to take mackinnon at 2 and wait to roll out a lineup in two seasons that looks like.




Ill take that any day over subtracting multiple people from that roster in order to put Drouin at the top. Heck id much rather trade multiple young guys away and bring back a bobby ryan type player over Drouin

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