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05-05-2013, 12:22 PM
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Originally Posted by orangecrush8 View Post
Good lord

When a Islanders sticks out his leg to trip up a guy it's a weak call and when a impartial fan defends the call they are accused of having money on the Pens

Yet a "slash" to a guy with one hand on his stick is an automatic penalty

I can't stand the Penguins either, but at least try to watch with objectivity. It's embarrassing because all Flyers fans get stereotyped this way

I just thought both calls were borderline calls. If those 2 calls happened against the Flyers with the Flyers up 2-0 in a critical game 3 I think many of us would be ticked off. If they called those 2 penalties every time there would be a dozen PP chances per team.
the money on the Pens post was a joke.

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