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05-05-2013, 01:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Beezeral View Post
I guess thats where the difference lies in our argument. You believe Drouin is one of those A++ caliber prospects that is almost a guaranteed perennial all-star.

While I will readily admit I havent seen a single one of drouin's games since the WJC, I havent read a single scouting report that rates him as highly as you seem to rate him. Maybe you see something others don't, and maybe you are right. Unfortunately only time will tell what the truth is. It would be great to see it play out in a Panthers jersey, but it most likely won't happen
Drouin is not guaranteed anything. Nor are any of the other players we are discussing.

Rates him as highly as i do? I don't entirely understand what you mean. I think of him as an elite NHL prospect. A player who can potentially be a highly impactful NHL player. The majority think this. He can potentially be the type of player that is very very hard to acquire. The players we are discussing are assets i believe to be A) undoubtedly tradeable under the right conditions B) less abilities than Drouin. Your trying to paint a picture i have not painted.

RainingRats gives a far more reasoned argument. The price may be too high. If the price is a 1st round pick, Bjugstad, Kulikov then it is really a difficult trigger to pull. It comes down to how you view the projections of every asset. If you believe Kulikov does develop into a premier NHL defenseman, you don't do it. If you believe that 1st round pick will be similar to this years, then it's tough. You'd also need something else of substance coming back.

I think Drouin can possibly become a top tier NHL Forward. I don't think Bjugstad can. I don't think our 1st round pick next year will be outside of the Top 10, however we don't have any realistic idea of what/who will be available. I am entirely unsure of how Kulikov and his career will develop.

It's a tough trigger to metaphorically pull, however in 10 years time it's likely such a trade may have been an excellent one.

Your paying alot, but we already have a very strong basis and we're potentially acquiring the best player in the deal.

I'd love to acquire one of Lindholm, Monahan, Barkov or Nichushkin too. Something that may be more reasonable. I think Bjugstad + would be an interesting foundation to some teams in that area, and i believe all 4 players listed are better prospects than Bjugstad. Again, fanciful and unlikely to happen, but if the opportunity is there to trade a good player + depth for a better player, i take it all day long.

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