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05-05-2013, 01:58 PM
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Originally Posted by dethomas07 View Post
rangers compete level is nowhere near where they should be or can be.. i dont see the effort up and down the lineup I did from last yrs team.. watching the islanders-pitt game makes me mad.. bc pitt thinks they can just show up and beat them but Islanders are skating harder and raising there game and pushing pitt around.. If rangers had that same desire i think we'd be up 2-0 easy.. our 1c who was brought here to dominate our PP and look at it we're like 0-10, unacceptable..

rangers effort should be balls to the walls and its not even close to that.. noones stepping up its a disgrace, bc washington is a beatable team and we're not skating hard enough!!!! boys better be fired up for the garden or they are a complete disgrace! honestly us fans dont deserve this.. put people through the glass, crash the net, SHOOOTTT the damn puck and hit everything that moves.. its a simple game.. i just dont get it..
I fully agree. I'm watching that game now, and they just play so much harder, so much faster, they have that extra step, that extra fire and tenacity..

NYR is not lacking in talent... they are lacking in drive. There is no motivation to win anymore...

I'm sorry, but after a season like last year, I think you HAVE to play this one on management. There is no way 5 lost players brings down the other 15... The environment is created by A) the Captain and B) The coach, and C) The Front Office/Management...

Simple as that

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