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05-05-2013, 02:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Spawn View Post
The Penguins certainly do lack defensive capability in the playoffs it seems.... I will say one thing though... they are almost always hockey pool gold. Even if they are out early the big guys put up tonnes of points haha.

Just to play Devil's advocate, when was the last time the Kings won a playoff game where they gave up 3 goals?
You missed my post on a similar vein is they haven't given up more than 3 goals in a playoff game in over two years of playoff hockey.

Sure Kings are designed for low scoring games and results but make no mistake they have plenty of players that can bury the biscuit that make a commitment to preventing GA as the first missive.

The Pens have it bassackwards right now. This same Pens team scored 10 goals in a playoff game last season. But gave up 8 goals twice and lost a series in 6 games to a club with brutal D play and goaltending. The Devils, a team that can play system play, easily dispatched the Flyers, and anything the East had to offer last season.

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