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01-02-2004, 04:00 AM
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Where to even begin? I'm trying to come up with words to descripe the sheer ineptitude of our beloved team and it's hard to come up with new words.
Off course, I'll start with the negs. First of all, since you all know my feelings about him, I'll begin by saying that Purinton was simply awful last night. Now I like him and think that he can be a good #6, however with performances like last night, Dale's chances of getting into a game were greatly diminished. Simply awful. However, this was Dale's 4th game of the season and 3rd one playing D. The word rusty comes to mind real quick, however the 2 penalties were simply inexcusable. HOwever, what is worse, a rusty Dale or our next culprit?
Maladog. WOW, was he ever bad. At least Dale may form the "rusty" excuse. What can Vlady say? I could care less if he is hurt, like Davisian says. Who cares? His prescence in the lineup makes us a worse team. He is hurting us just by suiting up. Isn't it time to see what we can do w/o him?
Kovalev. WOW, was he ever bad last night. Give away that led to a goal and nice penalty on him as well that resulted in not 1, but 2 PP goals.
Dunahm. Can't defend him. You just cannot allow a 45 foot slapshot from Dantersson to beat you. Just can't. As far as I am concerned, Jussi should be getting the start on Saturday.
We outplayed one of the best teams in the league at even strength and got killed by the 2 things that have been killing us for the past 6+ years: Penalties and special teams. Lindros said in today's Post that they have to spend time practice the PP. NO EFFIN' KIDDING. Good thing that the team took a vote and decided not to practice after getting into St. Louis. You mean to tell me that the Putrtid Powerless Play has not been practiced up to now? What the eff'????
Earth to effin' Glen effin' Sather: To get better at something you have to practice it. Come in, Glen. You out there? How about putting people in front of the net? You hearing me, Glen? How about when players get to the other blueline, how about just dumping the puck deep and then retreving it? Why is the only play at the blueline a cute quick pass attempt? What's wrong with simply dumping the puck? Another note to Glen: Most successfull NHL teams DO NOT attempt to break out of their own zone by passing the puck backwards.
And how about that long, lost word....ACCOUNTABILITY? For the love of God, if there was ever a time to make a statement, it would be after last night's game. Want to make a statement? Don't dress Malakhov or Kovalev for Saturday's game. It's a given that Dale will not be in the lineup. And while you are at it, how about letting Jussi show what he can to for a stretch of 4 or 5 games or so?
And what does Sather say after the game? He can either bench 3 or 4 people and then deal with the fact that the Rangers do not have ready replacements or he can continue talking about it. Sounds like he intends to talk about it since we all know, being a Rangers means you can do whatever you want without any punishment whatsoever. Until there is a real effort to hold people accountable, there is no fear in the players that they will be punished for mistakes.
On the positive side of things, Lindros and Nedved continued their strong play. Ortmeyer opens more eyes. I don't know if the comparison to Deadmarsh is accurate becuase I don't see Jed having Adam's scoring ability, but still......
And the last thing I want to mention are some alarming comments by our favorite, Tom Poti. Im the Star-Ledger, one of the last few days, there was an article about Poti. In it were comments by Tom about how unfair it is that he gets criticized for his poor defensive play. He said that it is unfair becuase the "defensive" guys do not get criticized for not being offensive players. Earth to Tom Poti: You ARE a DEFENSEman. Everyone has a defensive responsibility. This is like last year when Bure said that you can't be a good defensive player and a be good offensively at the same time. Guess that these clowns have never heard of Naslund, or Modano, or Elias, or Lidstrom......
Frailty, thy name is the Rangers.

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