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09-20-2006, 03:24 PM
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Originally Posted by multiball View Post
TT, the most dissappointing thing about your posts is your inflated sense of self-worth and sense of entitlement from the organization.
Bingo... though I think that the most disappointing thing is that TT is a very knowledgeable poster and asset to this board who just throws the opportunity away by filling half of his posts with what you just said. It's as if his on-screen persona is bi-polar: one of the best posters half the time, one of the worst the rest. When he's not contributing greatly valuable insight, he's posting acidic zingers and soapbox diatribes at anyone or anything associated with the team. It's a shame.

Whenever he posts something like this, I feel like getting on his case for it, but then recall the good posts and bit of respect that I have for him, and hold back. Similarly, when he posts something good and really valuable, I feel like complimenting and thanking him, but recall what he's like the other half of the time and hold back. It ends up like this that, most of the time, I don't acknowledge him one way or the other. With posts like this, I doubt that he appreciates being ignored, but it's of his own doing, IMO.

TT, I'm sure that everyone respects your knowledge and the insight that you provide, but I don't think that anyone appreciates your posts the other half of the time, this one being a shining example. This doesn't mean putting on rose-colored glasses and pretending that everything is peachy. It's more than possible to criticize the organization in a way that's intelligent and maintains the respect of others. People listen when they respect the speaker. Most people can respect a critical opinion that they agree with, as long as it's presented intelligently and not in grandiose or sarcastic manner. Anyways, I'd be thrilled to see you post more of intelligent posts and a lot fewer of the forgettable ones. You are an asset to this board... when you're not dragging it down. That's my 2c (and something I had planned to say privately in a PM until this thread).

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