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05-05-2013, 03:48 PM
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Torts needs to go.

His system ruins the game of hockey. Rangers barely know what to do when they get to the offensive zone. It's a shame. With the personnel we have that should be a source of strength.

No longer will I defend Tortorella saying he doesn't have the correct personnel to have a competent offense. It's not the players any more, it's the system. It's his reluctance to focus on offense. Sure, you "can't teach offense" but there is a fine line between teaching offense and suppressing it, which Tortorella does.

How does his system suppress offense? First, it begins with the demeanor he coaches in. He teaches with fear. Don't make mistakes, he teaches. That's the stupidest thing ever. Try and limit mistakes, sure. But he makes it seem like the team is going to war every night. The players don't understand they they are up against human competition and that the other team has the same ability to make mistakes. Instead of focusing on being dynamic and/or capitalizing on the other team's mistakes, the Rangers focus on not making any mistakes themselves. That inhibits creativity right there, players are punished if they focus on creative and offensive skills as opposed to defensive. The fear he coaches with is then in turn transferred to the players on the ice. They don't have creativity on the ice, they don't trust each other on the ice. They hesitate when they have to make decisions in the offensive zones. In addition, constantly playing the puck on the boards illustrates the lack of trust Torts has in his players. There is minimal room to make mistakes on the boards, so Torts focuses on winning the trenches and maybe getting a lucky bounce in, instead of really focusing on fixing his offense. It's disgusting. I equate this to a normal business environment, some bosses instill fear in their team and office, others constructively choose to help their team and office. How Torts teaches is not indicative of a good coach/mentor/leader.

In addition, he meddles with the players! He's a complete controller. Team needs to do it his way or the high way. And if his way doesn't work, he changes up the lines and meddles with the chemistry some players have. How do players get chemistry? Over time, playing together, players get to know each other and what the other is most likely to do. That only happens if the line stays together for a while. Torts changes lines up, sometimes 2 periods into creating the line! How does he expect any one of his lines will have long lasting success if he constantly meddles with them? Horrific.

I'm not going to harp on all of Torts weaknesses. He's a good guy outside of hockey. But as a coach he's ruining the game of hockey, and if this team expects to ever amount to anything, we need a new coach.

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