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05-05-2013, 03:55 PM
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play junior in Sweden or USA ?

Hello guys,
I am sorry if this itís the wrong board, but I am new here and I only made up this account to ask you this questions and itís very important for me:
I play hockey in Germany but for the next season I want to play outside of it. I am thinking of Sweden, USA or Canada.
I had some contact with a few j20 elit teams and I will have some try-out camps. But I also am in contact with one team of the NAHL in the USA (both saw videos of me), where I also have the opportunity to make a try-out. Itís going to be really expensive to fly to the try-out to America, so I really want to make sure that it is the right option for me.
So I have got some questions to you and it would be really great if someone could help me with them (applying to the comparison between Swedens J20 elit and USAs NAHL :
-Does anybody know where the level of hockey is higher?
-Where does a player, who is willing to work extremely hard, have the best chances to develop?
-Where are the higher qualified coaches? (In general)
-Is there any league in Europa thatís maybe on the same or even at a bit higher level than the j20 elit? I know there are the for example the j20 super elit but I think I wouldnít make the team in one of Europeís top leagues.
-If the NAHL has a higher level of hockey, which European junior league you could compare it to?
-To which European league you could compare the BCHL ?

It would be really great if someone could answer some questions.
Thank you !

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