Thread: Salary Cap: Stalberg vs Bickell
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05-05-2013, 04:24 PM
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Originally Posted by zac View Post
I agree with much of what you said above and I'd also be looking hard to shop Seabrook before his value deteriorates. For most of the last 3+ seasons he has not played near the level of a 5.8 million dollar a year defensmen. I'm not as up to date on pending UFAs and spend even less time trying to find viable trade partners but I'd at least see what's out there. I'd also throw Sharp out there as well, but more from a feeler perspective. If someone makes a stupendous offer I'd move on it, if not hold on to him. But for me Bolland, Seabrook, and Carcillo should be moved (or bought out/demoted in Carcillo's case) if at all possible.

As to the OP's question I'd take Stalberg and it's not even close. Speed is unparalleled, but he's made profound leaps in defensive aptitude, puck carrying skills, and cycling abilities that really make him an invaluable player. He's still not very good at corralling great passes and turning them into goals, but his shot is also much better than it was when he got here. Not only do I think Stalberg's a better player now, but I also think he can continue to improve moreso than Bickell. He'll be the rare case of a player that enters his prime in his late 20s, and due to his gamebreaking speed, will prolong his prime into his 30s. Right now he's easily a 2nd line talent that can play on all three lines, depending on the personnel (if a team needs a sniper on the top line Vik does not fit the bill).
While I highly doubt Seabrook is made available, would Petry + 7th overall be fair value? Petry is very Jekyll and Hyde, great one game, clueless the next, but it could partially be due to being miscast (and thus overused) as a top pairing guy on our team. All-star calibre skillset, ECHL brain for the game, but he is appealing cap wise next year (1.5). At 7th overall there is a very good chance one of Monohan or Lindholm is available, and I know 2nd line C has been a need for you guys since the cup win. Again, won't hold my breath for Seabrook actually being made available.

As for the two possible UFA's, sounds like the majority are leaning towards Stalberg which is who I like better as well. That said, Bickell is bigger and grittier which fills more of a need for the Oil. 3 mil per sound about right for him?

Thanks for all the input as well. Some fans get a little defensive about other teams trying to pry their players away in UFA, but with the way you guys develop players and the fact you have such a strong core locked up, I suppose you're used to it.

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