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Originally Posted by Groucho View Post
At the very least it was incredibly entertaining, I'm not vested in either of those teams so what do I care if they have what it takes to win the cup? It was a great watch two hours every second night thought.

the Kings/Blues series has been a snoozer. Another 1-0 game last night, nobody looked dangerous all night and the Kings scored a lucky seeing eye goal. Not exactly edge of your seat stuff.

The Wild/Blackhawks series has been some pretty good back and forth hockey as well. Good mix of flair and defense.
The Kings/Blues series has been incredibly intense hockey. Out and out war on every shift and a fierce battle for the puck at all times. I'll take that over loose play and sloppy coverage any day of the week.

Some of you should watch more basketball if you need double digit scores for the game to be entertaining

and yeah, I'm just j/k around with that last part. All in good fun until somebody types the wrong thing and somebody loses an eye..

But on a serious note I have no idea how somebody considers physical, tight checking hockey boring. As long as the clutching and holding isn't the reason its tight those games exhibit high levels of team commitment and system play and players that COMMIT to team play and being the absolute best they can be.

tbh if I was a Pens fan I would question why one of the most talented teams in all of hockey isn't getting it done and don't look ready anytime soon. Pens lost to the Flyers of all teams last year. A team with suspect D and goaltending that any WC contender would beat in the playoffs for fun.

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