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Originally Posted by J17 Vs Proclamation View Post
Comparing players taken 3rd overall and constructing any generalities and rules is another example of useless rigid planning. Who was taken 3rd overall last year, or in 2010 (Gudbranson), 2004 or whenever, it doesn't really matter. A draft is a talent distributor and no draft can be viewed as the same. A pick at #11 may be in hindsight stronger than a pick at #3 in another draft. Development, variance etc are other factors.

So bringing up Gudbranson, Huberdeau, Horton, Bouwmeester serves no purpose. Drouin should be compared against his peers only (His draft year) and projected on the skills he has. I am not interested in whatever crude and basic comparisons draft year to draft year you wish to make.

Drouin in my eyes is an exceptional prospect. A player with pretensions to being a high end NHL player. The type of player that is very very difficult to acquire. These "A" prospects you keep discussing ; Bjugstad, Gudbranson, Shore, Howden are great to have, but unique they are not. If you have prospect depth and the opportunity to move some of that depth to acquire an exceptional talent, you without question think about it. Gudbranson is a good young NHL defenseman with nice raw qualities, but we aren't looking at an elite NHL player, at least not for the forseeable future. Howden and Shore will be NHL players but they aren't building blocks. Bjugstad is a little different, but again, i'd sacrifice him under the right circumstances.

Depth wins championships. Elite talent allows you to compete for championships.
Did you steal this from an pun? is this a fact? Droun is unique? hes another NHL scorer just like the other high end scorers that are drafted in the top 5 or whatever every year. Is he gonna be good, I'm sure he is, but unique? There is a reason we took Bjugstad and Gudbranson over guys like Tarensko and Kuznetov.. This is the NHL not a soft European league. Once playoff time comes around you will need the size and the physically these guys bring. We have our all out offense guys already Huberdeau and more than likely Mackinnon. Ridiculous idea

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