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01-02-2004, 05:16 AM
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Originally Posted by bb_fan
if the trap isplayed correclty, it should be creating offensive chances for the team that keeps interecpting the puck, but thats not even heppening.
That was how it was working in all those years the Devils were among the league leaders in scoring. However, teams have 'adapted' to the dangers of trying to thread a risky pass through a positional trap, and they don't even try to anymore. They just dump the puck to the boards and then grind for it.

Originally Posted by Van
There would have to be "wild card" rules that allow that better last-placed team to get that playoff spot...

For example....last year's WHL West final standings...

Prince George got the 4th playoff spot in the US Division and played the first round against Seattle.
IMO, that's perfect. The CFL uses a similar system - if the 4th place team in the West has more points than the third place team in the East, the 4th-place West team makes the playoffs in the East bracket.

Originally Posted by Rob
Like many Canadians, I look forward to these tournaments because I find the play too be faster and more exciting. It is a nice break from the NHL.
The play is faster and more exciting more because (Sweden and Finland excepted) these players haven't been taught any sort of system, and because these youngsters frequently make mistakes (and mistakes = scoring chances). It's not the rules or the dimensions, it's the players and systems. Move the IIHF rules into the NHL and you'll still have systems and far-less-mistake-prone defensive players.

Originally Posted by Rob's quote of William Houston of the Globe and Mail
So far, the competition at the tournament has been entertaining and full of action
Exciting? 10 shutouts, 12 games decided by 3+ goals. To me, hockey that isn't even close is seldom exciting. But I'd suppose a lot of people find 14-1 games 'exciting', provided they're rooting for the team that scored 14.

As I stated above, the WJC is "full of action" primarily because of mistakes and a lack of attention to defensive play. Not because the rink is 9 feet wider.

Originally Posted by Beukeboom Fan
But now most games seem to be based around not making a mistake.
I think right there is the summation of the difference between the NHL and the WJC. It's true. NHL play is centered around not making mistakes. The only way to change that would be... what, to mandate mistakes? It's true in every sport. In football, the team that commits the most turnovers usually loses. In basketball, steals, blocks, and defensive rebounds are usually indicative of a winning team - capitalizing on the other team's mistakes. The best way to win at ANY sport is to make the fewest mistakes. Defensive systems win because it's easier to reduce the number of mistakes you make than increase the number of mistakes the other team makes.

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