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01-02-2004, 05:30 AM
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I'd actually keep Kovalev...

I believe that if Kovalev wasn't with Holik and Rucinsky, that line wouldn't be too good, and one thing that line has done a pretty good job of is shut down top lines when Sather has given them a chance - and they're all a plus while shutting down those lines (there were no ES goals scored last night, so they did their job in that regard).

As for the game...Eesh. PK's pretty awful. No blames to particular players, they played poorly as a unit (or as units) last night. There were some good plays made on the PK, but they lacked some fundamentals, like Ortmeyer dropping back too far on the first goal, giving Pronger a slap shot. Conversely, on the Danton goal, Danton didn't chase a guy down low, stayed in position because two defensemen were clogging the lanes...Kovalev's pass hits a skate, and Danton's in position with nobody behind him to take advantage.

On other notes...probably shouldn't have been on the PK so often. Why did Dale play ahead of Bouchard? I've never seen Dale play so poorly. Bad penalty (didn't see the other). Bad passes, turnovers, out of position...what a freakin' idiot...should've gone to Hartford for conditioning because he needs it.

Malakhov coughs up the puck on his own, causing another stupid penalty.

And did Kovalev cut the guy to get the 4 minutes? I couldn't tell.

But anyways, the usual, bad special teams play, stupid careless mistakes and bad penalties do this team in (and only OK goaltending).

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