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01-02-2004, 06:17 AM
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Originally Posted by Biggest Canuck Fan
The problem with the trap is the players playing aren't playing it to generate chances... they play ti to prevent getting scored on.

On a rare occasion Minny or NJ will go on an offensive outburst, but the norm in the NHL is to not go for the win, but prevent as many goals as possible.
And in any sport there are sucessful teams whose primary focus is the prevention of points against them. Why is this considered so abhorrent in hockey, but not when a football team has a good set of DL, LB, and DB's, or when a baseball team has an ace pitching staff and gold-glove fielders? You don't hear football fans crying and demading rule change because the superbowl isn't always Offense #1 versus Offense #2.

The trap originally was made to generate chances. And it changed the game, because other teams no longer did the things that led to these chances (IE, try to pass through it). But teams aren't going to simply 'stop playing the trap' because other teams aren't coughing up the puck as much anymore. It still wins.

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