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05-05-2013, 09:24 PM
Hugo Sham
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Originally Posted by habsinsider View Post
A scolding:

To say this game left me embarrassed to be a Habs fan is an understatement. This team is gutless and lacking any form of class.

Subban jumps a guy without giving him a chance to drop the gloves and punches him while he's down and in a vulnerable position. That is against the "hockey code" for sure. Bourque with the sucker punch. Gallagher with a vicious unprovoked slash and jumping a guy in the last 5minutes. Sens played physical and made us frustrated but they weren't cheap-shotting and embellishing. I could easily see half our team getting suspensions/fines for their play tonight. An utter disgrace.

Then at the end, they can't take the loss like men, so they have to embarrass our fans and organization even more by whining and acting like the victims infront of the cameras. Feel bad for all the kids that could hear and lipread the Habs players mouthing off. What a joke tonight's game was. When is our coaching staff going to crack down on this type of crap that doesn't belong in hockey? We're only motivating the Sens to get mad and when they are mad, they turn up the heat and outplay us. Habs need to man up and show some class.
really? you must have missed what Conacher, Cowen, Neil, Methot, etc were doping all game

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