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05-06-2013, 12:06 AM
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Originally Posted by GreatKeith View Post
But we should hire Lindy Ruff, right?

(This isn't a jab at you, just the posters who are clamouring for Ruff)
Imagine that a coach will sit a young star that needs to be better defensively when he has other options. Yeah, Ruff is so terrible.

Originally Posted by Turrican View Post
Ruff has never seen the Avs or Oil play. Terrible line management. Cannot be better than Krueger.
Cannot be better than Krueger? A cardboard cutout of Ron Low is better than Kreuger.
Originally Posted by SephF View Post
Hall has played the least minutes on the entire team so far.
Tough when you are not the best player on a last place team and have to be fully accountable and earn your ice time. This is Team Canada, not the Oilers.
Originally Posted by Tad Mikowsky View Post
Hire Ruff lol.

A complete joke that Hall gets shafted.
Yet Eberle was not. Could it be due to better defensive habits?

Originally Posted by Hitchslap View Post
Hall has played less minutes than every other player on the entire team? What the hell? That's actually unbelievable, he must be pretty pissed off.
Good. I hope he is. It will show him just how much more he needs to elevate his game to be considered world class and a playoff player.
Originally Posted by ohheyhemsky View Post
If you're an Oiler not named Ryan Smyth or Jordan Eberle, prepare to be shafted at the Worlds.

Just ask Dubnyk about the last couple of years.
Dubnyk is a middle of the pack goalie. He has not been shafted. The other guy won the net. Also, it's still early. He can get some games in. Again, hopefully he gets experience to bring him to the level of a true starter. Again, Tean Canada, not The Oilers.

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